28 Sep / 2018

New version 4.6

Affected parts:

Added "HDMI Control" v0.1

This project is intended to demonstrate the supported HDMI Control (HDMI-CEC) capabilities of the STB. Implementation has been made according to HDMI-CEC specification but does not support all stated use cases / commands of the specification. The application will showcase the available settings and give a possibility to manipulate them. Feedback about the current setting is given to the user. With the overview of the current settings the application can also be used to test compatibility between the Smart Set-Top Box Platform and the TV Sets. Please take note that the implementation of (parts of) the specification may lead to use cases not being supported in combination with various brands or models.

Added "Manual Bandsteering" v0.1

In this project we show how you can implement band steering from the JS-API by checking the quality of the WiFi connection and present the option to connect to another WiFi Access Point when there are unexpected still images detected by the JS-API.

Updated "Application Skeleton" to v0.3

In this new iteration of Application Skeleton we have included a general compatibility check which happens before the actual application start. In case of a failed compatibility check, further information is given to the user in order to allow fixing these. When every check passed successfully, the final application will be launched automatically. We included a couple of debug parameters for tracking down issues, as well. The Application Skeleton template has been refreshed too, in order to provide an updated starting point for new projects, following a common programming logic and application workflow.

Updated "API" section

  • Added JS-API v0.4.81 [Added two new API classes: tv2_stb_hdmictl, stackmanager. Added getNetworkWirelessScanItemFrequency to the tv2_stb_common class].

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