20 Jun / 2018

New version 4.5

Affected parts:

Added "Remote debugging" v0.1

In this project we explain how to debug during runtime your next web app on the ABOX42 Smart Set-Top Box Platform. The "Remote Debugger" offers a wide range of possibilities such as inspecting code, network activity, console messages and so many other features that you might want to checkout.

Added "System Settings" v0.1

This project contains the System Settings application which can be used to show and edit the most necessary user settings of the ABOX42 Smart Set-Top Box. We explain how to use the JS-API to configure the settings for: Audio/Video, Network, Display, Time & Language and also the ability to reset the default system settings with one key press only.

Added "Storage" v0.1

In this project we explain how to implement local storage for your next web application on the ABOX42 Smart Set-Top Box Platform. The supported storage engines by our TV Browser are localStorage and cookies. We will walk you through a simple application example and show how these storage engines help your application to achieve better performance.

Added "Updater app" v0.1

In this project we show how to contact the LCM server from the application level, which is needed to show the list of FSIs/SSIs and to start the update process. In this example we provide the list of the API calls that can be used for this communication.

Updated "Local Recording" to v0.3

In this version we have added the possibility to select the subtitle/audio track before starting the Local Recording. Also added the possibility to show/hide the subtitle track during playback of content recorded locally.

Updated "Local Timeshift" to v0.3

In this version we explain how to use the Subtitle/Audio track API in the Local Timeshift mode. How to change the subtitle/audio track while on Live TV mode and how these settings get preserved in Local Timeshift mode as well.

Updated "Swipe to TV" to v0.3

In this version we have done some minimal cosmetic changes and performance improvements. The functionality is the same as before, no changes.

Updated "OP-SLATracker in action" section

  • Minor fixes to the Network-SLA-1 documentation.

Updated "API" section

  • Added JS-API v0.4.78 [Added setNetworkActiveIntf, published other hidden API's under tv2_stb_common]

for accessing the content please go to MyInside Cloud

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