23 May / 2018

New version 4.4

Affected parts:

Added "OP-SLATracker Catalogue" v0.11

In this section you will find the first SLA items for IPTV and Network with the following properties: OP-SLATracker ID, type, Guaranteed Properties,etc. Also these SLAs can be seen into action, for this please check the new section under Project named OP-SLATracker in action where we have for each SLA type a separate project and inside these projects the SLA items are structured as separate chapters with instructions, documentation, application example, API references and Specification references. There we explain in details how you as Operator can track these SLAs using the API's and tools provided by the ABOX42 Smart Set-Top Box Platform.

Updated "OP-SLATracker in action" section

  • Added channel list for all the IPTV-SLA's
  • Added the Network SLA section with the first item Network-SLA-1


Please keep in mind that the primary distribution channel for myinside will be MyInside Cloud meaning that MyInside Local (downloadable from https://inside.abox42.com/downloads will be only for internal developers). The registration will be done as always from the Inside Homepage and the content will be available on MyInside Cloud.

for accessing the content please go to MyInside Cloud

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