26 Feb / 2018

New version 4.2

Affected parts:


  • myinside.abox42.com: We have updated the Welcome section with more information to give you a better understanding on the existing and upcoming platforms altogether with the runtimes which will be covered on myinside in terms of Projects, API's, Specifications and Tools. We have linked the "F.A.Q" section to our Zendesk instance, there you can find all the questions regarding Inside and MyInside.
  • Zendesk: We have provided a rich F.A.Q section with the most frequent questions and answers in the context of Inside and MyInside. Note that the section is only available to inside and myinside users only.

Added "Collect Log" v0.1

In this project example we show how to collect the system log files from the App level on the ABOX42 Smart Set-Top Box and push them to a remote server. This is the first step towards creating a full reporting and analytics web service which provides insights about the Smart Set-Top Boxes on the Field. Using this approach we can extend to collect other useful information such as the memory consumption, cpu usage and other system metrics.

Updated "Snippet Apps" section:

  • Checked all the apps with the latest INSI0054 and INSI0055, added minor fixes and also updated their compatibility section accordingly.

Updated "API" section

  • Added JS-API v0.4.74 [Checked compatibility with INSI0026-tnb2]

Updated "Tools" section

  • Minor fixes, added more error handling.


Please keep in mind that the primary distribution channel for myinside will be MyInside Cloud meaning that MyInside Local (downloadable from https://inside.abox42.com/downloads will be only for internal developers). The registration will be done as always from the Inside Homepage and the content will be available on MyInside Cloud.

for accessing the content please go to MyInside Cloud

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