20 Nov / 2017

New version 4.0

Affected parts:

Added "Swipe to TV" v0.1

In this project we show how to pair second screen applications to a first screen application utilizing the ABOX42 Smart Set-Top Box Platform. After the pairing is done the applications can exchange data and one real world example is that of opening the content you are currently watching on your smartphone directly to the big screen. In this first version we offer a PoC that demonstrates that such a usecase can be implemented by using existing features of the ABOX42 Smart Set-Top Box Platform with the least effort possible by also utilizing a hybrid mobile app which is also running from the ABOX42 Smart Set-Top Box Platform.

Updated "API" section

  • Added JS-API v0.4.7 [Added seekBackward(), seekForward(forwardOffset) to the Tuner API].

Optimised UX

  • Added feedback modals for the actions which are performed on the Smart Set-Top Box, e.g: opening/installing apps and playing reference streams on the Smart Set-Top Box.


Please keep in mind that the primary distribution channel for myinside will be MyInside Cloud meaning that MyInside Local (downloadable from https://inside.abox42.com/downloads will be only for internal developers). The registration will be done as always from the Inside Homepage and the content will be available on MyInside Cloud.

for accessing the content please go to MyInside Cloud

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