15 Aug / 2017

New version 3.7

Affected parts:

Added Zendesk support and Order Form

From now and on all your requests regarding our platforms, applications and other possible questions will go through the Feedback Widget which is included on the Inside Homepage and also on MyInside Cloud. Also we have included the Order Form widget named "Order Now!" on myinside-cloud which will help you ordering the test devices that you need.

Updated "Snippet Apps" section:

  • Updated "Virtual Keyboard" [UI Fixes]
  • Updated "System Info" [Updated info sections]
  • Updated "Local Timeshift" [Optimizations/Bug fixes]
  • Updated "Local Recording" [Fixed Stream URL]
  • Updated "File Browser" [Performance optimizations]
  • Updated "Local Attached USB" [Added possibility to select the filesystem type when formatting a partition]
  • Updated the compatibility table of all the other Snippet Apps

Updated "API" section

  • Added JS-API v0.4.5 [Added closed captions under tv2_stb_iptv.tsstack_2]

Updated "HBBTV 1.5 Apps" section:

  • Germany (DE) [Updated compatibility]
  • Added visual feedback when opening an HBBTV App on the STB


From now and on the primary distribution channel for myinside will be MyInside Cloud meaning that MyInside Local (downloadable from https://inside.abox42.com/downloads will be only for internal developers). The registration will be done as always from the Inside Homepage and the content will be available on MyInside Cloud.

for accessing the content please go to MyInside Cloud

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